Dear Calbee fans,


Good day! Welcome to Calbee website! By browsing the website, you can familiarize yourself with our company mission, vision and culture, as well as to obtain more information on our products and updated marketing message so that we can develop a closer relationship. We are longing to acquire your precious advice through different means of communication and I believe your contribution would lead us do better and progress further.


Since 1949, Calbee has been making top quality snacks for more than 70 years. Calbee products have become your good companion since our first launching in Hong Kong in 1976. We sincerely wish that you will concern with our persistence in supplying products with best quality, which is driven by our company motto – “Harvest the Power of Nature”. May the pleasure brought by Calbee accompanies you anytime and anywhere!


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Lawrence Wong

Managing Director

Calbee Four Seas Co. Ltd.