Corporation Motto

We are committed
to utilizing nature's gifts,
to bringing deliciousness and fun, and
to contributing to healthy lifestyles.


As a leader in the Hong Kong snack food market, we are committed to establish the most popular trend of snack food and bring them to all the consumers. Our vision is to ensure Calbee to be one of the most important 'necessities' in your home, and to be fully involved in your daily life!


With the maximal effort we achieve, we implement our belief persistently - which is to provide the highest quality, the best taste with the most innovative snack for your enjoyment at anytime and anywhere! With the utilization of natural resources from the land and the sea, we are able to deliver you the best potato chips, potato sticks, corn snacks, vegetables snacks and prawn crackers, with original sources of different materials: raw potatoes with the most outstanding quality, corns and vegetables harvested from fields as well as whole prawns captured from oceans – this is totally synchronized to our corporate slogan "Harvest the Power of Nature"from Calbee, Inc. Japan.